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Web Design

In today’s business world a first class website shows your customers and potential customers that you’re serious about your business and serious about doing business!  And it may represent the first impression your potential customers have of your business.  If you have a web storefront, it’s open 24/7.  For these reasons it is crucial to the success of your business to have a professionally designed, fully functional website. It is also critical to have a well received website that is ranked highly by search engines and is actually visited by potential customers. Designing Columbia can provide this type of website for you.

Web Design and Graphic Pricing

Designing Columbia creates web sites using visually stimulating graphics and titles with beautiful color schemes. We work with our clients to produce web sites that reflect the client’s image and personality. Our goal is to produce a website with a sharp, clean professional appearance that is easy to navigate by all users regardless of their computer expertise.  And we optimize your website for search engines through the appropriate use of computer codes, text, and graphics.

Following is a guide to estimate the scope and cost of your website design project. However, since every business has its particular requirements, please contact us to receive a free, accurate website design project cost.


Site Theme Design

The site theme design includes the design, layout, and the way in which the site is navigated.  The site theme is visible on every page of your website, and it needs to be consistent, compelling, and easy to use. The homepage (the first web page your customers see) consumes the majority of the development time because it is unique and defines the look and feel of your website. The site theme design also includes the selection of appealing color schemes, the use of photos and graphics, and creating the navigation flow.

Basic Website: *$750
This is the most affordable solution to establish a presence on the internet.  We will create a design from over 5,000 custom built html templates we have available in order to meet your needs, and we will include your company logo on the site. This particular selection contains five total pages including the home page.

Professional Website: *$1200
This option includes an entirely new design created by our team based  on the focus of your  or organization. This design will incorporate your company logo and colors on the site. This design will consider your specific target audience. This option includes the five web pages mentioned in the budget website description.

Professional Flash Website: *$1750
This option includes the use of  a web design template using flash technology. This type of site will definitely impress your visitors, be of the highest quality, and impress your visitors. This includes minor adjusting the design to match your company name, colors, website links or even replace replace the face of a stranger with a real person from your business!

* Please note: prices are subject to change and are also subject to actual client needs, based upon complexity of project and should only be used as a guideline.

We also create Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress websites!! Contact us for more details.

Number of Web Pages Per Page Price

Basic Site (5 Pages)


Pages 6 - 10


Pages 11 - 19


20+ Pages


Pricing Example:
Total price for developing a 15-page informational type Web site:

Number of Web Pages Per Page Price


Price Per Page

Total Price

Basic Site (5 Pages)

5 included


Pages 6-10

5 at $80 each


Pages 11-15

5 at $70 each





Total Cost:



(Please note: Flash site pricing varies on per page pricing)

Additional Options:

Additional Web Pages:
$*Each (please see price chart above)

Forms: $120 each
Feedback, contact, request, or other customized forms. More complex forms will be charged at an hourly rate.

Website Maintenance: $85 per hour
Updates and changes to existing pages.

Images: $10 for first, 5 each additional
Scanned by us. We adjust, crop, and optimize the image you provide.

Adding Style To Your Design:$100 per hour*

This includes adding additional images and graphics and specialized text formatting to make your site more interesting. For example, if your site contains a lot of text based content and little graphical content, we often recommend adding additional photos or graphical images to make the site more interesting.

Please note that the purchase of additional stock photos will be charged extra (per photo)

Data Entry: $35 per page or $85 per hour
Don't have the time to type it all out, but have great content? Let us take care of it for you!

Photoshop Layout:
- Includes fully layered Photoshop File (.psd)

Website home page only (no additional pages)
This includes optimized html code, a Photoshop layout, and/or a sliced Fireworks files

Photoshop Layout to HTML Conversion: $200 Each
- Includes optimized html, sliced fireworks, css w/navigational rollovers.

E-Commerce: From $500
E-commerce sites which include on-line stores cost slightly more because the programming involved in creating the site is more complex. These types of sites require a database to store the products offered for sale, and the ability to process payments with Worldplay, Playpal, or 2checkout.

Basic Blog/Wordpress Setup/Implementation
$250 (Custom design is extra)

Custom Programming: $100 Per Hour
A database driven site may be required if you need to store a lot of information and provide search capabilities for your users.  An example would be a site for a real estate firm that would need to add, delete, or edit their listing information at will. Users would also be able to search the database for properties by price, location, or general area.

Web Graphics: $100 per set
These are custom graphics created by us and include a background, title bar, buttons, bullets, and arrows.

Additional Web Graphics:
We can also design custom banners, and they can either be static banners or animated banners. File sizes are not an issue here. In order to get started we will need the following information:

Banner size
(in pixels)
Color Preferences
(if any)
Target Audience
(primary usage & purpose of the banner)
(if any, e.g. file size)

Full Banner
486x60 pixels
static Gif: $150
animated Gif: $200

120x60 pixels
static gif: $100
animated gif: $150

120x90 pixels
static gif: $100
animated gif: $150

125x125 pixels
static gif: $100
animated gif: $150

Micro Button
88x31 pixels
static gif: $100
animated gif: $150

Fav Icon
16x16 pixels
static .ico: $85